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Maths, Computer and Internet Books

cover In Code : A Mathematical Journey by Sarah Flannery with David Flannery
Hardcover - 224 pages (April 2000)
At the age of 16, Sarah won the 1999 Irish Young Scientist of the Year award with her "Cayley-Purser algorithm", a highly innovative, speedy and secure system of encoding data on the Internet. Since then she has travelled the world and lectured, and had approaches from many computer companies and universities. In Code, written with her father David, tells the story of her life, mathematics and making codes.

cover Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture by Apostolos Doxiadis Paperback - 209 pages (20 March, 2000)
Uncle Petros is a family joke, but his young nephew suspects there is more to this ageing recluse, living alone in a suburb of Athens. He discovers Petros was once a celebrated mathematician, foolhardy enough to stake everything on solving a problem that defied proof for nearly three centuries - Goldbach's conjecture. If this might initially seem undramatic material for a novel, readers of Fermat's Last Theorem by Simon Singh would surely disagree. What Doxiadis gives us is the fictional corollary of Singh's book: a beautifully imagined narrative that is both compelling as a story and highly revealing of a rarefied world of the intellect that few people will ever access. Without ever alienating the reader, he demonstrates the enchantments of mathematics as well as the ambition, envy and search for glory that permeate even this most abstract of pursuits.

cover Create Your First Website In a Weekend
Starting with interactive tutorials on Friday and Saturday you can have your first website up and running by Sunday evening. It really does work, I've used this book to build my site, so you can see it works. This is definitely a beginners book but gives you enough to get started.

cover Instant HTML, Programmer's Reference
This book is designed as a quick and handy reference guide to all versions of HTML, including the latest, HTML 4.0. It assumes you are familiar with the internet and www and that you are looking for a book that concentrates entirely on the essentials of HTML. This book acts both as a quick and concise tutorial to HTML 4.0 and its browser specific extensions, and as a reference for you to use once you know what you're doing.

cover Roger C Parker's Guide to Web Content and Design
This book is excellent for a small businesses or societies that need to set up a website with a professional presence. There are lots of exercises which are helpful in deciding your web address, for example, as well as tips for reviewing other websites and using these to design your own.

Want to learn some Java? This book comes recommended via a long route of Guide websites. Teach Yourself Java 2 Platform in 21 Days (Professional Reference Edition). The reviewer that used this book reckoned you could be up and running with the basics after 2 days. Alternatively, there is the complete version which includes the same book plus software and testing. Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Complete Edition). And to complete the 'course' for advanced Java try Java 1.2 Developer's Handbook

For US versions of these Computer books use these links :

Create Your First Website In a Weekend
Instant HTML, Programmer's Reference
Roger C Parker's Guide to Web Content and Design
Teach Yourself Java 2 Platform in 21 Days (Professional Reference Edition)
Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days (Complete Edition)
Java 1.2 Developer's Handbook

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