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golfing skiing My name is Kathy Byrne and I would like to welcome you to my website. I set my site up in May 1999 and have been updating it regularly, usually with a monthly update around the beginning of the month. I am currently redesigning the site, there is a new look and new content too. Please visit again to see what's new!

About Me The about page contains information about my work in financial services including publications and articles.
Food Pages I enjoy cooking and having friends round for dinner. Here are some of my favourite recipies, I usually try and add a new one each month. The food page has links to all the menus and recipes on my site.
Travel Pages I love traveling to new places and when I go away I like to plan our own itinerary wherever possible, rather than going on package tours. Take a look at the travel page to see a full list of places on the site.
Links Pages The links page has links to other websites I run and also contains links to my favourite sites.
Book Page I enjoy reading books, particularly new fiction, cookery books and internet books. Click here to see my latest book reviews. Alternatively visit the Amazon.co.uk bookshop on line.
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